Passionate Soulmates
Without her... my world may as well turn to ash.
One Richard's Jigsaw per Day: Rogue →


So tonight, it’s Friday, as Guy Day!

To finish it the best way possible, I thought we can play a little with one of the most attractive behavior of our favorite Knight: his rogue side ^^

Rogue: 30 piece

Rogue: 252 piece

Enjoy and have a nice sleep. BTW, I wish you a nice week-end :)

Guy of Gisborne (Robin Hood BBC): The Ultimate Sir Rogue

Wallpaper 1600*1200

The Gisbornes’s Adventures: Deception

Click on the link below to see the image on another window then click on it to enlarge it in its full size.

@ jollytr : I hope you’ll enjoy it now :)


Like I wasn’t there at the beginning of the month, I give you today all the versions of April I made in my Richard Armitage’s Calendars.

Hope you will like some of them :)


Richard Armitage’s ChaRActers in Words : Blinking

  1. Between the Sheets: Paul Andrews
  2. Moving On: John Mulligan
  3. Robin Hood BBC: Guy of Gisborne
  4. Sparkhouse: John Standring
  5. Strike Back: John Porter
One Richard's Jigsaw per Day: Hide and Seek →


To start a nice week-end, I thought maybe you could enjoy playing with Guy… playing by doing a jigsaw about him or playing at Hide-and-Seek with him… the choice is yours !

Hide and Seek: 30 piece

Hide and Seek: 300 piece

Have fun!