Passionate Soulmates
Without her... my world may as well turn to ash.

Guy of Gisborne and Lady Marian (Robin Hood BBC, episode 1.05)

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Guy of Gisborne and Lady Marian (Robin Hood BBC, 1.05)

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Turn Around
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I think this is one of the moment when Guy’s voice is the deepest, both attractive and dangerous.

Enjoy ^^

"Tethered" chapter 14, a Guy and Marian’s fanfiction


  • Summary:

“Marry me now. Make it the last thing we do. Let’s steal that from them at least.” […] It was as if I could read Guy’s soul, and what I saw at this very instant made me make the gesture which changed the rest of our lives.

  • Notes of the Author:

This fanfic idea comes of the prompt I choose to do for the Bingo Ficathlon at the Robin Hood Fan Community forum.

The prompt was: "Marian accepts Guy’s proposal at the end of ‘Walkabout’, both thinking that Nottingham is about to be destroyed. It doesn’t happen. Now they’re both left wondering what’s next. Will Marian actually go through with the marriage this time? And if not, how in the world does Guy deal with the loss a second time?"

To explain the beginning of this fanfiction, I did a video “It’s Our Fight”. (You can see it at dolphen3’s channel on Youtube.)

English is not my first language. I want to thank deeply my beta-reader sahraobsessed for all her great work and the way she always find time to help me when I need it even if she is extremely busy!

Sorry for the delay but as you know, I really try and give you the best I can to please you.

As I said it here when I announced I finished to write this chapter, I really want to thank all of you for your patience with me, the constant support you give to me and your faithful interest for this story.

Without every one of you I would not have the strength to continue writting ; so this chapter is dedicaced to each of you as real thanks for your help!

Now, come back to the more important here: enjoy this chapter and please, don’t forget to review ;) and… Thanks again!

  • Chapter 14:

Guy took long steps down the corridor, wanting nothing more than to be done with the difficult conversation he was about have with the Sheriff. Guy turned to Allan and ordered him to stay outside their master’s door. His squire tried to argue, but the decisive stare he received in response made him reconsider his behavior and obey orders.

Gisborne braced himself, clenching his fists several times and steadying his breathing before opening the door. His face was blank, as it always was in presence of the Sheriff.

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Anonymous asked:
Heeey! I really like your blog!! Could you please tell me in which episode I can find the famous "Turn around" gif? Thank youu!! :3


First, thanks so much for liking my blog and work and to tell it to me :)

The gif “Turn around” is from “Brothers in arms”, season 1 episode 7. Guy has awesome scenes in this one… well, in most of all the episodes to be true ^^