Passionate Soulmates
Without her... my world may as well turn to ash.

Who could say Robin Hood BBC is not a great show when you have to pay that much for only one season? ^^ (419,97 euros = $ 525.71) Totally inbelievable!

I’m sure the price is just because of Richard Armitage playing the best version of the Dark Knight Guy of Gisborne ever!

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Topless day: 120 piece

I’m sorry for being so late tonight but I couldn’t do better.

I hope this topless jigsaw will help you to forgive me :)

An old puzzle but as handsome as Guy is, I thought you should appreciate it ^^


Sir Guy of Gisborne (3.05)

He is absolutely handsome at this moment even if we feel how sad and disappointed he is.

well… what to say… it’s not only #GuyDay but also #HairDay ^^


Sir Guy of Gisborne (3.05)

Reblogged because I’m in love with his hair ^^ not only his hair of course… ^^

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Guy of Gisborne and Lady Marian (Robin Hood BBC, episode 1.05)

Song Lyrics “On Fire” by Switchfoot

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