Passionate Soulmates
Without her... my world may as well turn to ash.


Like I wasn’t there at the beginning of the month, I give you today all the versions of April I made in my Richard Armitage’s Calendars.

Hope you will like some of them :)


Richard Armitage’s ChaRActers in Words : Blinking

  1. Between the Sheets: Paul Andrews
  2. Moving On: John Mulligan
  3. Robin Hood BBC: Guy of Gisborne
  4. Sparkhouse: John Standring
  5. Strike Back: John Porter
One Richard's Jigsaw per Day: Hide and Seek →


To start a nice week-end, I thought maybe you could enjoy playing with Guy… playing by doing a jigsaw about him or playing at Hide-and-Seek with him… the choice is yours !

Hide and Seek: 30 piece

Hide and Seek: 300 piece

Have fun!

One Richard's Jigsaw per Day: Bad Guy →


Yep, I know, I already worked a lot on Guy of Gisborne this week but sorry, I really can’t help but do it.

I hope this one will please you though and that it will allow you to have a sweet moment of entertainment with our gorgeous dark knight.

Bad Guy: 30 piece

Bad Guy: 256 piece

Have a restful night, sweet dreams and a really nice day tomorrow. But most of all, take care of you my friends, cause I really like you all :)

Hi! I'm a big fan of Guy and I'm happy to find your blog. I hope you'll contunie writing Guy/Marian fics in the future, there are not enough of them! And I'm looking forward to the first chapter of your next fic!!!


for your sweet words, thank you so much!

I’m happy you feel fine in my blog and with my work, it means so much, believe me :)

Oh yes, I will definitely continue to write about Guy :D But sadly for now, I have serious troubles to do it because I have no news about my great beta and friend and I’m worrying so much about her than I can’t even write a word as if I am betraying her by working when she can’t continue with me…

I don’t know if that means any sense but I’m terribly torn. I want to write, I NEED to write because it hurts inside not doing it but in the same way, thinking of continuying without her even if it’s only til she comes back (soon I hope because I miss her SO MUCH and I’m totally scared now!!), makes me feel as if I let her down, as if I break the “tether” we created while working on “Tethered” together…

Yeah, I know, I’m a hopeless sentimental and a utterly fool… but I can’t help it.

The new Guy’s story though, I could work on it because it’s a project we hadn’t started together. But to do it, I need another beta because my English is too bad to be published without being fixed before and I don’t dare asking again and not even know to whom asking it…

Plus, I’m really afraid now to work with someone else because I become quickly attached to the person with whom I work and it’s really difficult for me to deal with human feelings lol, particularly when bad things happen…

I’m working much better on feelings in my writting than in real life ^^

Hum… sorry for the ramblings, and thanks again for your kind words! I hope to give you new chapter of any story soon and that you will like them :)